Celibacy and Me

We are but ankles deep into 2018 and with a new year comes all the hope and excitement of change and the unexpected. A new year affords us the opportunity to reinvent oneself, shed old habits and start some new great ones. We often hear of folks having “resolutions” to lose weight or be better people but 1. I personally hate resolutions because you don’t really mean them and 2. they’re too vague or broad. I made myself a To Do list for 2018, with a focus on me on my son. One of the main things I want to do this year for me is 365 days of celibacy.

That’s right, the “c” bomb. To be honest, I’m stoked about it. I can go on for days about the moral (no fornicatin’) or health (STD free fo’ sheezy!) perks of this decision but really, that’s just the surface. In a lot of ways, sex outside of marriage can be a dangerous thing. People get mixed signals, some people get caught up and others catch feelings or even a case but what people want the most from sex, they most times don’t get.

Intimacy and love are things that every human being craves and desires but they are also the very things missing in a hypersexual society. There’s a commercial for cat food that’s risqué. There’s ads in train stations with half naked people advertising perfume and there’s websites created to cheat on your significant other or to find a sugar daddy. Now, I’m far from being holier than thou but sheesh…something’s gotta give!

Intimacy is created long before the physical aspect of a relationship comes into play but it seems like my 30 plus folks didn’t get the memo. Holding hands, cuddling, conversing with one another in person are all great, traditional, tried and true ways of getting to know someone on a deeper level or at least showing an interest in them. Both men and women say they would date someone who is celibate but when do they get the chance to actually see if they could do it? The above mentioned list are things that seem to occur after sex has entered the picture and the people have decided to be with each other. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. You know what else only works sometimes? Birth control. Just saying…

What say you Melanated Folks? Stay tuned for Part 2!


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