That 30+ Life : The Do’s & Don’t, Pt. 1

The day you turned 30 may have been momentus in terms of numbers but it may have left you feeling no different than the day and decade before. Such is life. But the deeper you get into your 30s, the more you notice changes in your body, thought processes,  and overall lifestyle. Some people may not. The difference in opinion led to the creation of this list; things that you should do in your 30s and things that you really should not. Let’s start, shall we?

Thing you should do #1: Finance childsupportmoney-1024x683

According to African Americans make up 87% of annual retail spending in this country despite Blacks making $20,000 less than the average household. Only 42.5% of Black people actually own their homes as of 2012 based on a report from It’s obvious by now that we won’t all be receiving that 40 acres and a mule but we can and should be making every effort to be land and homeowners and less concerned about mindless spending. Homeownership has numerous benefits, most notably a legacy to pass on to your youngins and equity you can draw on in the future.

The idea of owning a home may seem far fetched to some when student loans and utilities are looming at every paycheck but it’s not impossible.  Getting your credit in shape is easier than most people think. You can create payment arrangements for outstanding balances, get a second job, or use a credit repair company. Other ways include participating in susu, put every cent that isn’t spent on necessities in a savings account.  There are also fantastic programs that help first time homeowners such as NACA. You may have to eat Ramen noodles and cereal for a while but in the end you’ll be a little bit closer to financial independence and stability, if not a tad lighter on the scale.

2: Healthblack-man-exercising1

When  you were 15, you could eat whatever you wanted without fear of gaining an ounce. In your 20s, your all night escapades were legendary. Well, now you’re 30 something and you long for your bed at 9pm and you drink almond milk because real diary gives you gas that’s legendary. Times have changed my friend and you have to take your health more serious. If you’re going to continue to drink brown liquor and smoke, at least try to balance things out and add some healthier habits to your lifestyle. Vitamins, green vegetables,  fresh fruits and fiber are all things you can put in your body now to prevent colonoscopies and  bypass surgery later. Oh yeah, add in some cardio and weight training if you want to feel and look like you’re 28 instead of 38.

#3: Broaden Horizons sunrise_IMG_4581_1.jpg

If you only nap, play video games or watch HGTV for fun then it’s time to broaden your horizons! How do I know? Because these are the things I do for fun. Since we’re being mindful of our finances (unless you’re already where you want to be) you can ball on a budget. Sites like Groupon and Gilt City make different and exciting activities in your city affordable. Take up kickboxing, try rock wall climbing, go to the shooting range, learn how to make sushi, or go on a cupcake or restaurant tour of your city. Places like museums and art galleries may now possess an intrigue that you couldn’t appreciate in times past. There’s so much out there and in your 30s you should have the wisdom and insight that it takes to enjoy new experiences.

#4: Personal Maintenance 


I love socks. And perfume. And a good gel manicure and pedicure in a serene clean environment.  These things have been true about me since my high school years. Back then, it was Bath & Body Works, acrylic in a crowded dingy hood spot and whatever socks were clean and matched. Your tastes change as you mature and that’s not a bad thing. If anything, embrace the grooming habits that come with your climbing age, men and women alike. Flossing and annual physicals can also be considered a part of this category. There’s something so attractive about a healthy man with great gums in dope, occasion appropriate socks, tantalizingly scented, smartly dressed, rocking a very well coiffed beard. *goosebumps*

You don’t have to be breaded to enjoy these luxuries. Birchbox is a fantastic way to get some Web exclusive beauty and fragrance products. AdoreMe, if you haven’t already heard, is the bomb dot com for beautiful lingaree (lingerie for you bougie folk) at affordable prices and is the right spot for unique and fun socks.

#5: Spirituality


Now is the time to start walkin’ the walk and practicing what you preach. Regardless of what you believe,  really become a disciple and student of your faith. Discover why you believe what you do. Are you following tradition? Did you have a life changing experience?  What do you want your children to believe? Does it matter to you what faith your significant other is?

These questions may or may not have crossed your mind these days.  Nonetheless,  waffling on something as serious as where your soul spends eternity should be an issue your 30+ mind is mature enough to process. Having one foot in and one foot out isn’t a good look any more as you no longer have youth to blame for your inconsistencies. Buckle down and let your life and actions be as accurate as possible of a reflection of your faith and values. At 30 and older, we should also be able to be honest about our shortcomings.


What did I miss? What other things are you excited about in your 30s? Holla at me!

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