Are You Serious Dude? Things Men Do That Women Hate (Pt. 2)

OpinionatedMale and MelanatedMusings


**Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Miss K.K. for another guest post. 

‘Sup readers! If you checked out part 1, I covered some of the mind numbing, borderline hair pulling things brothas do. Now sit back and check out the sequel.


For sh*ts and giggles (R.I.P. Tommy)

Both of these will drive your damsel crazy. Like, Jack Nicholson “The Shining” crazy. If I can work two jobs and you work one or none, Negro you should at least be able to take out the trash and mop the floor. Conversely, if I can make time for a date night, you should be able to do some creative shuffling of your schedule and get it done too. Again, no woman wants to play second fiddle especially if its to Madden or your job.

Priorities being what they are, something’s gotta come first; and if you choose to be in an exclusive…

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