Are You Serious Dude? Things Men Do That Women Hate (Pt. 1)

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**Please welcome back to the stage Miss K.K. for another guest post. 

In your many years of dating the gentler, fairer and I daresay, better sex, you may have come across many instances in which you were sorely befuddled by the consternation of your ‘Boo thang’. Could it be as simple as women are just too complex, or that we really are from two different planets/school of thought?

Almost everything you might have thought is true. Women are varied and are as unique as fingerprints or snowflakes, and equally intricate and beautiful. Beware, because this picture is painted with broad strokes. That being said, I will give you some basic things that piss them [women] all off. Some women may agree and some may not. But hey, at least you’ll be a smidge closer to understanding women than you were before reading this.

Jellyfish don’t sting…they suck

While it’s…

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